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Roxee Lee

Roxee LeeGoals: To claim the biggest and best stages on Vancouver Island, the West Coast, and then… the world!

Food: Everything sweet and delicious.

Role model: My mom. She made me strong and taught me to pursue my dreams and always be exactly who I am.

Favourite place: I love living here on the island, and when I’m out and about in the world, you’ll usually find me wherever the party is.

Favourite Colour: Is glitter a colour?

Hobbies: I love to create and add new and beautiful things to the world, usually with drawing, dancing, or any type of crafting where I can glue things together.

Likes: Bold colours, sexy boots, short skirts, and cute boys… all with glitter on top!

Dislikes: Mean people, cold days, boring clothes, and the silence between the music.

Roxee Lee BurlesqueRoxanne Atherlee grew up in the monotonous wasteland of the Canadian prairies. When she wasn’t playing with friends or cousins, she could be found in her homemade clubhouse, plotting her eventual takeover of mankind as a mad scientist, or possibly a super villain.

As an adult, Roxanne took a break from her rigorous studies, moved to the West Coast, and discovered the joy of self expression in the form of dancing. She shortened her name to Roxee Lee for the stage, and a burlesque star was born.

These days, Roxee can be found at the Clubhouse Dance and Fitness studio, plotting her eventual takeover of mankind as an entertainer extraordinaire.

No stage can contain her, no rules can restrain her, ever moving, and always grooving, she is Roxee Lee.

Roxee Lee Burlesque