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Luscious Lottabottom

The Curvaceous Cutie with the Bodaceous Bootie

Sign: Gemini

Age: Legal in all parts of the world

Eye Color: Hazel

Occupation: Princess

Hobbies: Dancing, making things sparkle

Likes: Hanging out with friends and fans, snuggles, movies, Dr. Who, luxurious bubble baths, all things that glitter

Favorite colour: Hot Pink

Favorite Song: All of Imelda May’s music

Favorite Movie: Hairspray, all musicals

Favorite Animal: Flamingos

Favorite Pickup line: “You’re making my hearts beat out a samba!”

Drink of choice: A free one.

Irresistible sin: Wouldn’t you like to know!

Inspirations: Queen Latifa, Bette Midler, VaVa Vunderbust, Lady Monster

Favorite Quote: “The rockin’ world ain’t the only thing I make go ‘round!” – Betsy Bottom Dollar