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Goldie Luxe

One of the finer things in life.

Goldie Luxe Burlesque PerformerGoals: To learn more acrobatic tricks and improve my costume design skills

Favorite food: Sushi

Role model/icon: Oh boy, there are a lot. Vancouver’s fabulous Rock’N’Roll Flapper Lola Frost was my initial inspiration for wanting to become a burlesque performer, and I was unbelievably lucky to have her has a mentor in my early days. I also love the classic stylings of Ginger Valentine, Indigo Blue, and Coco Lectric. And of course all of my fellow Naughty Girls are total inspirations! Honestly there is something inspiring to be found in every burlesque performer, everyone has something that they do with flawless ease that makes you want to drop more than just your jaw…

Favorite place in the world: The gorgeous white sand beaches of Hawaii’s Kona Coast.

Favorite colour: Red, gold, and anything that sparkles.

Hobbies: Shoes, adding crystals to everything possible, learning new tricks and talents.

Likes: Things that sparkle and shine, mixing the old with the new, a good cup of coffee, bad-ass women, beautiful dresses, and handsome men in well-cut suits.

Dislikes: Negative attitudes, taking life too seriously, early mornings, and pants.

I had no idea what I was in for when I took my first burlesque class years ago. One hour later, I knew I’d found my home. Humor, dance, glamour, and pantsless-ness all wrapped into one glorious package! I became a regular at the many and varied shows of the Vancouver burlesque scene, soaking up everything I could and falling in love all over again every time. It wasn’t too long before I made my own way up onto the stage, and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon.