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Belle Pantysworth

Belle Pantysworth Burlesque Performer Vancouver Island

“The lady with the legs.”

Belle first felt the call of burlesque while at an academic conference, where one very special paper introduced her to the concept of Nerdlesque. Showing geek love through striptease was the best life choice Belle ever made… Working with the troupe, she has even begun branching out into non-geeky routines!

When not thinking up new and exciting ways to take off her clothes, or spinning around a pole, she’s reading. Really. All the time. It’s almost unhealthy.

Role Model: Una Stubbs

Goals: To sew her next costume from scratch, start-to-finish

Favourite Animal: Otters!

Favourite Quote: “Irresponsibility is part of the pleasure of all art” – James Joyce

Drink of Choice: Tea. Red Rose. Hot.