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Lydia Vox

Photo by Full-On Photography Having grown up in a town with a population of less than 3000, where anything “different” stood out like a sore thumb, Lydia was happy to discover Vancouver Island with all its diversified glory, while still maintaining a “small town” feel.

Lydia has only recently discovered burlesque in a tangible sense. Fabulous costumes and freeing oneself completely in front of a room full of strangers?! Yes please! When she first saw Naughty & Spice perform, she knew she had to be a part of it.

Goals: To learn more about garment sewing and make the most fantastic costumes. Life goals include becoming an entomologist (“One day…” *looks longingly towards the horizon*)

Favourite colour: Purple, teal and lime green, preferably together. Oh and earthy colours like brown and green and orange. Oh! And… well… all colours have their place.

Hobbies: Sewing (mostly quilting but venturing more into clothing/costumes), geocaching, hiking, and pretty much anything outdoors or crafty.

Likes: Cats, bugs, learning new things, being recognized for accomplishments, Pepsi (or Coke, I’m not cola-racist), Smarties (Smarties ice cream…mmm…).

Dislikes: Cake (I know, right?), disappointing people, rudeness.

Favourite animal: Spider

Favourite food: Sushi

Role model: Tim Curry! Ha! Just kidding. Well… Sort of.

Favourite TV Show: Any Star Treks

Favourite Movie: Most Studio Ghibli, Nausicaa and Howl’s Moving Castle as my top two. (Not Grave of the Fireflies though. I also DO NOT recommend that a Christmas Day movie of choice.)